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Take command of feature delivery with Flagppe, the feature flag platform crafted for teams aiming for deployment excellence.

Gain the flexibility to test in production risk-free, manage feature rollouts, and instantly revert changes, all within an intuitive and powerful interface.

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Key Uses and Benefits

Git commit branch icon Trunk Based Development

Facilitate continuous integration and quicker releases by avoiding long-lived code branches.

Rocket icon Coordinated Launches

Seamlessly launch new features in sync with your team, with no last-minute deployment stress.

Linear chart icon Incremental Feature Rollout

Gradually release new features to specific user segments, controlling and measuring impact effectively.

Lab flask icon Production Experiments

Run A/B tests and other experiments in production, enabling features for a subset of users.

Screwdriver and wrench icon Application Maintenance

Conduct essential maintenance without full downtime, selectively disabling specific app features.

Toggle icon User Opt-In Choice

Empower users to choose when to adopt new features, enhancing their comfort and experience.

Group of users icon Permission Control

Manage access to premium or administrative features using feature flags for flexible permissions.

Spy icon Blocking Bad Actors

Quickly respond to and block abusive users, maintaining app integrity and user experience.

Lightning bolt icon Early User Access

Provide select users with early access to new features, gathering valuable feedback before wide release.